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 Monday    Tuesday   Wednesday    Thursday
8:15am Body Sculpt - Jill

6:00am Cardio Kickboxing - Geri

8:30am Club Spin - Danny

6:00am Cardio Kickboxing - Geri

9:00am Yoga - Betsy 8:00am Salsa - Carlos 9:00am Yoga - Betsy 8:30am Body Sculpt - Donna
5:00pm Mat Pilates - Melanie 8:30am Club Spin- Donna 10:30am Senior Fitness - Howard

8:30am Club Spin - Jean

6:15pm Club Spin -Jen Marie 9:00am Yoga - Candyce 6:15pm Club Spin - Stacy

9:30am Yoga - Monica

6:00pm Kickboxing - Raul 10:30am Senior Fitness - Howard 6:30pm Kickboxing - Raul 6:00pm Zumba - LeNora
7:00pm Yoga -Candyce 6:00pm Zumba - Lenora

7:30pm Mat Pilates - Melanie

6:15pm Club Spin - Stacy
  6:15pm Club Spin - Stacy

8:30pm  Salsa - Carlos

7:30pm Mat Pilates -Monica
 Friday  Saturday  Sunday  
8:15am Body Sculpt - Danny 8:00am Mat Pilates - Jean 9:30am Club Spin - Stacy  
9:00am Yoga - Betsy 9:00am Club Spin - Jean    
10:30am Senior Fitness - Howard 10:00am Yoga - Monica